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채경육 (Chae, Kyung Yuk)
  Assistant Professor  
  degree: University of Tennessee at Knoxville, TN, USA
Interference effects among J,pi=3/2+ resonances in 19Ne system & Searching for resonances in the unbound 6Be nucleus
Ph.D. in Physics, 2006
Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
Einstein's vacuum field equation
B.S. in Physics, 2000
  email: kchae at  
  phone: +82-31-299-4547  
  address: Department of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University,
32307B, Natural Science 2
2066 Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
성균관대학교 물리학과
경기도 수원시 장안구 서부로 2066, 제2과학관 32307B


김아람 (Kim, Aram)
  Post Doctoral Research Associate
  project: Measuring the 15O(a,a)15O reaction Nov. 2013 - Present
  email: arami97 at
  phone: +82-31-299-4949


곽민식 (Kwag, Min Sik)
  Graduate Student
  project: Analysis of the 24Mg(p,d)23Mg data Oct. 2012 - Present
  email: gwakpd at
  phone: +82-31-299-4513
차수미 (Cha, Soo Mi)
  Graduate Student
  project: Analysis of the 24Mg(p,a)21Na data Dec. 2012 - Present
  email: chaassoom at
  phone: +82-31-299-4513
이은지 (Lee, Eun Ji)
  Graduate Student
  project: Java, Gamma-array Jan. 2014 - Present
  email: eeun1013 at
  phone: +82-31-299-4513
이재하 (Lee, Jae Ha)
  Graduate Student
  project: GEANT4 simulation Sep. 2014 - Present
  email: jaeha20 at
  phone: +82-31-299-4513
김민주 (Kim, Min Ju)
  Undergraduate Student
  project: Java Jan. 2015 - Present
  email: tonghyoe at
  phone: +82-31-299-4513


최승근 (Choi, Seung Keun)
  B.S. Degree in Mathematics  
  B.S. thesis: FORTRAN programming for calculations of nuclear reaction rate Mar. 2012 - May 2012
  email: verdantbz at